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Clyde Terrace, Forest Hill

Following a programme of site investigations Lawtech undertook the replacement of high level cladding on several mid-rise blocks.

London & Quarant (L&Q)



May 2018 - March 2019

Key Facts

Clyde Terrace in Forest Hill is composed of five-storey residential blocks which were clad with a combustible system. Under a Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PCSA), Lawtech received instruction from L&Q to undertake an intrusive site investigation of existing rainscreen cladding build-up and its supporting structure to ascertain the build-up(s) of the substrate wall and the rainscreen cladding.

Investigations took place across four locations and involved a number of inspection holes being cut into the system to expose the insulation and substrate.

Lawtech utilised the investigation findings to provide three replacement options for the client to consider, with a complete specification provided for each option in addition to drawings. Working in close collaboration with L&Q. The current combustible system was then replaced with an incombustible FS-Xtra Rockpanel system with a pre-finished decorative coating.

Once the works were commenced and the high level panels had begun to be removed it was discovered that the original contractor had fixed through the steel frame, which required additional works to make safe.

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