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59 - 90 Maidstone Road

Lawtech successfully completed works at 59-90 Maidstone Road, undertaken on behalf of Clarion Housing Group under the Fusion 21 Energy Efficiency Framework.

Clarion Housing Group



February 2023 - September 2023

Key Facts

59-90 Maidstone Road is built of in-situ cast reinforced concrete frame, also known as RC Frame, and forms the primary structure. The development consists of one block of flats, which at its peak is five storeys.

The works comprised the dismantle and removal of the external wall cladding with insulation or a lack of cavity barriers to restrict the spread of fire between compartments. This was replaced with new façade materials, insulation, cavity barriers and components complying with the scope of works prepared by the Fire Engineer, Building Regulations and the Consolidated Guidance 2020.

Key Considerations

  • The site is located in a residential area, mostly enclosed by 4-5 storey residential blocks.

  • The site is bordered by access roads leading to residential and business car parks with parking restrictions on roads.

  • It is located in close proximity to many amenities, therefore a busy location at times. Our Traffic Management Plan and deliveries were timed to avoid peak times and school run hours. This was agreed and approved by Clarion prior to its implementation.

  • The building and surrounding structures remained occupied for the duration of the works. The surrounding structures are primarily residential with some public open space.

  • Liaison with neighbouring buildings and local stakeholders affected by the scaffolding was essential throughout the works.

  • The footpath beneath the scaffold along Maidstone Road had to be closed to pedestrians who were directed via appropriately placed warning signage to use the opposite footpath.

Lawtech were awarded this contract through the Fusion 21 Energy Efficiency Framework. 

Project Gallery

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