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19 Dean Road, Hampton

Lawtech successfully completed the removal and replacement of ACM cladding panels at 19 Dean Road in Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames.

Richmond Housing Partnership



March 2022 - November 2022

Key Facts

19 Dean Road provides 41 properties for the elderly, designed as an extra-care facility i.e., assisted living, with a B&M news store to the ground floor.

The ACM cladding and brickwork comprise the two primary elements. The top floor of the building is composed of a green copper coloured ACM cladding. The corner of the building has a feature corner, again in ACM cladding panels. Works included the removal and replacement of these existing combustible ACM cladding panels, with non-combustible Rockpanel FS-Xtra panels, incorporating localised elements of fire stopping, fire breaks and cavity barriers. After the works, we also reinstated the courtyard with new slabs and flower beds.

Traffic Management Plan

It was necessary to implement an effective traffic management plan to minimise risk of injury from possible interaction between vehicular and pedestrian traffic due to the busy location. The development is located near the A316, nearby Hampton High School and Hampton School (which combined have over 4,000 schoolchildren) as well as Buckingham Primary School and Clarendon Primary Centre (a special needs school). The building has a shop on the ground floor which attracted the school children from opposite the road. However, only two kids were allowed in at one time which created a long queue outside where the works were going on. So the works had to be sectioned off properly with Heras fencing or paused while the queue remained.

All deliveries to site were scheduled to avoid school rush hours and site management were notified of vehicle arrivals in advance to ensure a banksman was available to to take control of unloading and dispatch. The banksman also guided any pedestrians using the service road adjacent to the development when vehicle activity took place.

A storage area was established within the site compound, excluded by means of barriers. Delivered materials were unloaded as soon as possible and taken to this area to ensure no obstruction was created. Wherever possible, materials were delivered on a ‘just in time’ basis to keep to a minimum the amount of stored materials.

Social Value

Lawtech made a donation towards the Queen's Platinum Jubilee event for the purchase of food, decorations, and to contribute towards activities. All the residents gathered in the residential living room which was decorated with Union Flags, pictures of Queen Elizabeth II through the decades, and drawings submitted by the residents. Our Assistant Customer Service Manager and site team members were present to take part in the celebrations. Everyone had a wonderful time playing games, having a singalong and enjoying the refreshments.

Overall, this was a successful project and the hard work was appreciated by our client who provided us with great feedback. They valued our time in addition to being under budget and achieving all our set goals.

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