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Lawtech donated £1,500 to St Thomas’ CE Primary School

27 Sept 2022

Health & safety team delivered an assembly at St Thomas’ CE Primary School, in North Kensington followed by a £1,500 donation.

Lawtech staff visited St Thomas’ CE Primary School in North Kensington last month to deliver a health & safety assembly. We are currently carrying out cladding remediation works nearby at Adair and Hazlewood Towers, where a number of the pupils live.


The aim of the assembly was to hold an interactive session regarding the importance of health and safety in our lives and how it differs for people depending on the nature of their work. We provided word searches related to the construction industry and spoke about the dangers of building sites, including a breakdown of how each Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) item helps everyone stay safe. Some children even got to try it on! 

This was a wonderful experience for all, and we hope it helped educate the children. To embed the knowledge, the children have also been asked to create health and safety posters which will be displayed across our hoardings on both towers. 

Following the assembly, Lawtech donated £1,500 towards sports equipment and facilities to help pupils excel in their physical education and wellbeing.  

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