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Lawtech's annual summer party

2 Sept 2022

Summer Party for London and Southern teams.

75 members of Lawtech's London team got together to celebrate our long-awaited Summer BBQ in London at The Terrace, Doggett’s Coat and Badge, which has unrivalled views of the Thames, St. Paul's Cathedral and the City of London.  

This was our first large event since the pandemic and was well received by all. Our staff members from the London region had a lovely time meeting the Directors, eating, drinking and letting their hair down.   

There was a brilliant atmosphere, and it was great for team morale, with lots of laughter. We look forward to a similar team event in Portsmouth for the Southern region team later in the month.  

Following the successful turnout at the London BBQ, our Southern Region team organised a “Summer Lawtech Party”. This was held at Southsea Village in Portsmouth, including a games night and a buffet. It was wonderful seeing everyone joining in with the Directors, playing ping pong, darts, and shuffleboard. The team spirit was high and competitive, with lots of energy! The night ended with everyone singing along to their favourite songs at karaoke, including two group performances by the whole team.

We look forward to our next big event, which will be our annual Christmas party. 

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